Model-based Systems Engineering for

Digital Twin Systems

BIP MBSE 4 Digital Twin Systems

The blended intensive program on “Model-based Systems Engineering for Digital Twin Systems” focuses on the foundations and applications of digital twins. Digital twins are virtual representations of the system that monitor, visualise, control and optimise an actual system. As such, they are applied in various application domains, e.g., smart cities, manufacturing, and intelligent consumer products. However, as digital twins are complicated systems, we need systems engineering methods, techniques and workflows to realise such digital twins and twinned systems.  The BIP covers the full spectrum of twins starting from models, to shadows, and twins. Furthermore, aspects such as calibration, validity, historical data, storage and representation of data, information and knowledge will be covered in the BIP.

On Blended Intensive Programmes

As the name suggests, a Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) is a combination of a short, physical mobility abroad with a mandatory virtual component.